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Tiger Tours India situated in The Vindhya and Satpura Ranges in Central India the wild tiger heavens are home to the largest populations of the tiger. Kanha, Bandhavgarh, and Pench are biodiversity hubs and support diverse life. These are the preserved lands fortunate enough not to have been axed or overexploited by humans. They have notified as National Parks and tiger reserves the latter under the aegis of Project Tiger Program. Wildlife Tours India covers all popular destinations in central India these reserves known for Tigers

A sound tourism infrastructure enables tourism in these reserves. The destinations offer tiger tours and luxurious stay in a state of the art resorts besides being well connected. Most of the travel services are available here.  

Day and evening safaris in the core zones of the parks are possible if you have secured a permit. For excursions open jeeps registered with the forest department are available.

Wildlife Tours India famous for wildlife filmmakers and photographers full-day safaris is available in these parks. This lets the tourists stay the whole day inside the park with no restriction of movement in the tourism area. Plus those on full-day safari get additional half an hour extra i.e. an early entry and late-exit.

These destinations are famous not only for animal watching but are the best birding hotspots in Central India or the State of Madhya Pradesh.      

Wildlife Tours India Forsyth’s Journey to the Highlands

A city that is an industrial hub of Maharashtra State in India is home to impressive greenery and is surrounded by forests that are part of the tiger landscape. We will arrive at the airport from New Delhi and then drive to Pench National Park.

Tiger Tours at The National Park is known as Kipling Country for it is here that wolf child was discovered in the village to Sant Vavadi. The rest is history and we have come here to witness the Jungle Book as it unfolds.

The most interesting sight is the tiger followed by the leopard and sloth bear. Bison, Nilgai and sambar herds are a spectacle to watch on jeep rides. The search for the big cats is enthralling and encounter is like a dream come true. We will also strive hard to see the wolf and the leopard both equally elusive and enigmatic characters of the Jungle Book. And the sight of Baloo the bear scratching its back would be Godsend.  Our binoculars would be preening all-around search for the fantastic avian that abound at Pench.    

The fun of safaris are equally enhanced by the recreation at the resorts on this tour. Birdwatch, rural visits and tribal dance accompanied by energizing beverages and sizzling hot meals.  

Once contiguous with Pench, Kanha is five hours’ drive through the rural landscape. The tiger reserve is a Sal dominated forest with a high degree of moisture. It is home to the tiger, panther, wild dog, sloth bear, and the massive bison. But the pride of the place is accorded to the Hard Ground Barasingha or the Swamp Deer. It was rare, endangered but made a remarkable recovery and hence the success of the story behind Kanha Tiger Reserve in Central India.

The destination is a diverse habitat comprising of Sal, Mixed and bamboo forests beside the ubiquitous grasslands called “bohera” in the local dialect. The search for tigers is rewarding here as there are more than one hundred adults dominating this veritable landscape. 

Safaris at Kanha is contagious and calls you back, again and again, thanks to charismatic landscape and its enchanting denizens.

Holidaying in a destination where time has come to a stop and the terrain is mesmerizing is an experience of a lifetime. It is if you are lucky to be on safaris at Bandhavgarh National Park in the State of Madhya Pradesh in Central India.

The small conservation unit has a large heart and tigers galore. Ideal haunt of filmmakers and wildlife photographers the tiger reserve is one of the most picturesque in India. The historical ruins, temples, manmade caves and zoomorphic Vishnu Idols are frozen in lifeless silence for more than two thousand years and add to the spectacle that is Bandhavgarh.

Birds are plentiful and migrants in winters add to the numbers. The marshy grasslands and steep cliffs are the unique features of this amazing reserve. The uneven terrain and the deep valleys add to the thrill of being on safari here.   

Jabalpur The airport is four hours drive and this is where you will get on the airplane to fly to New Delhi.

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